Function Enquires

1. ​Confirm Guest List, Venue & Date 

  • Restaurants: Pros- Nice food. Cons- Smaller space, some restaurants do not allow outside food other than cake.

  • Function Rooms: Pros- Larger space and more comfortable. Flexible setting and decorations. Most suitable for dessert table. Cons- Relatively less options for food.

  • Homes: Pros- Suitable if spacious at home. Catering options. Reduce venue cost. Cons- Cleaning up after the party

*Please reach out at least 1 month before the event in order to achieve the best result*

2. Choose Theme & Setting

  • We are happy to provide recommendations on the theme based on your venue, to achieve the best result. If you already have a theme in mind, please do not forget to take into account the suitableness to the venue.Theme changes might be made if the theme and venue do not fit due to spacing of the venue.

3. Budget

  • We will design the most suitable dessert table and cakes according to your favourite style and budget.

*Final price depends on specific design, number of guests, and availability. 

*We recommend booking the dessert table 2 months prior of the event for theme decoration inspiration and due to the venue might be pre-booked.

*We will receive urgent order if the venue has been booked but have to be 1 week and above for preparation.

All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only